Canal in the Mountains: The Juniata Main Line Canal in the Lewistown Narrows

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The Pennsylvania Main Line Canal was one of many important historic transportation routes that followed the Juniata River and passed through the Lewistown Narrows in Mifflin and Juniata Counties. As part of the environmental and planning studies for the recent reconstruction of US 22/322 through the Lewistown Narrows, the Federal Highway Administration and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation completed a comprehensive survey of archaeological and historic resources. The project included detailed documentation of the Pennsylvania Canal and construction of a public canal park at the eastern end of the Narrows.

This publication presents the history of the canal in the Lewistown Narrows, describes the measures taken to document the remains, and illustrates the process of constructing the canal park. Completed in June 2008, the park features a stabilized lift lock, parking and picnic facilities, interpretive exhibits, and a hiking trail along the old towpath.

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