Cultural Resource Management

Heberling Associates is well qualified to perform a broad range of cultural resource management services for our clients. The professional qualifications of our staff and all of our work meet or exceed the qualification standards set forth by the Secretary of the Interior and the guidelines of individual state and local authorities, agencies, and organizations. We complete all of our projects under the direct management and supervision of one or more senior staff members.

We have provided extensive cultural resource management services to companies and agencies engaged in all of the following areas:

  • Infrastructure Planning and Development
  • Water and Sewer
  • Bridge Repairs and Replacement
  • Highway Planning and Mass Transit
  • Commercial and Residential Property Development
  • Energy Exploration and Development
  • Alternative Energy Development
  • Telecommunications, including Cell and Radio Tower Placements and Fiber Optics Cables
  • Parks Planning
  • Battlefield and Historic Site Preservation

Examples of the range of services we provide include the following:

  • Comprehensive Cultural Resource Management
  • Cultural Resource Assessments
  • Reconnaissance Survey
  • Intensive Archaeological Survey
  • Data Recovery Programs for Prehistoric and Historic Archaeological Sites
  • Architectural Research and Recordation including HABS/HAER Documentation
  • Historic Structures Inventories and Determination of Eligibility Studies
  • Determination of Effect Evaluations
  • National Register Nominations¬†
  • Environmental Reconstructions
  • Research
  • Publications
  • Brownfields Research
  • Geoarchaeological Investigations