HAI can perform a range of archaeological research and analysis suited to the diverse needs of clients. From archaeological testing and excavation in compliance with federal and state historic preservation laws to site-specific research to the laboratory study of archaeological specimens, the staff archaeologists of HAI bring their years of experience to the problem at hand. We have completed over 600 archaeological investigations for public agencies, municipal bodies, private clients and individuals. From preliminary testing to identify archaeological sites to the comprehensive recovery of data from complex sites, HAI has the experience and facilities to produce top-quality research results in a timely and cost-effective manner. We provide complete laboratory services for the cleaning, preservation, analysis and curation of archaeological specimens. In all these services, we apply a broadly-based approach that integrates all the experience of our staff—archaeologists, museum and planning professionals, and historians—to provide the highest-quality results on time and within our clients' budgets.

If you have questions about how HAI’s archaeological services could help you, please call Paul Raber, Director of Archaeological Services at (814) 669-1280 or email: